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Welcome to SailingDuo! This is Flavio and Amaia, an Italo-Spanish couple: back in 2019 without much sailing experience, we bought Bolero a 38-foot sailing boat built in 1998. It’s now our home as we have left behind our land life to start a new floating adventure…

Inspired by the willingness to explore the world in a more sustainable way, we want to make our small contribution and drive social responsible behaviours.

In 2021, we spent 7 months exploring the Tyrrhenian sea: we sailed 2,700 nm and visited 34 islands.

In 2022, for personal reaons, we decided to sail “locally” between Barcelona, the Balearic Island and the Costa Brava.

In 2023 we explored The Med again…we covered over 3,000 nm and went east 🙂

Where is Bolero?

Where we are now
(zoom in/out for more/fewer details)

2021 and 2023 trips