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¿Where is Bolero?

2020 was a year characterized by COVID-19 and we all know well the limitations we suffered. In 2020 (June) we decided to stay in national waters and took the opportunity to discover the Balearic Islands.

In 2021, we had bigger plans and spent 7 months exploring the Tyrrhenian sea. During that time, we sailed 2,684 nm and visited 34 islands. The adventure started on March 27th 2021, when we left Barcelona. We then visited Mallorca, Menorca, South Sardinia, Sicily (including Ustica, Aegadian & Aeolian Islands), Cilento, Costiera Amalfitana, Phlegrean Islands, Pontine Islands, Nettuno, Civitavecchia, Giglio, Elba, Corsica, Sardinia and Menorca!

Where we are now
(zoom in/out for more/less details)

2021 voyage

Diario de Abordo

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